Knots and Seeds

There is an ocean into which everything wants to dissolve. Everything exists within this ocean. It is, like the liquid oceans on our planet, operationally like a net, in which every changing part affects every other part. And we ourselves are in it, constantly swimming.

Nothing in the ocean wants to be separate from it. It wants to be part of the whole. Everything wants to dissolve into the ocean, so that it may realize its big self, may enter the enfolds of the entire ocean’s power, knowledge, grace, beauty, etc.

People come in two kinds: knots and seeds. Those who are knots - while swimming along, they get tangled up. Maybe frequently. Maybe horribly. Their smooth little piece of seaweed gets tumbled and tossed by the waves and debris and folds in on itself, curls on itself, and becomes very uncomfortable, unable to freely move. Yearning to dissolve, it can work through its knots, slowly, painstakingly, unraveling its mess. And when the knots are all freed, it merges with the ocean, waving through it again like a little piece of seaweed.

Those who are seeds - they, too, yearn to dissolve into the ocean. But they cannot. Nothing can dissolve them into the sea, and they remain hard, discontent, unable to find a fit and unable to move freely. The ocean comes and beats them. But rocks can only dent them; acid can only scrape them; waves can only shake them. These hits can only make their existence ever more miserable without resolving their problem - a miserable predicament, and one which a piece of seaweed cannot truly understand. What is wrong with the outside world that they must be so maladjusted when everything around them has been righted?...

They may spend their lives trying to untie knots, believing there are knots to untie. They may try everything they can, but there is a hard little grain in them that will not simply melt and go along with the current, with the waves, with the everything. And so they are separate. They move through life separate, with a constant unease for which there is no cure. And yet, they, too, in order to be in harmony with everything, need to disappear.

Unlike the knots, they cannot be broken from the outside. They must break from the inside. To release the something in there to put into the ocean - a pearl, a diamond, an isolated little germ or gem - that has been protected their whole life and that must undergo a poorly understood chemistry in secret, in its interior, that cannot be aided by any outside force. It is theirs alone. And only then, once they are broken and their gift has been brought out, ready, grown, continued, will the hard crust of their seed’s shell finally disappear into the rest of the sea.