God's Instructions to the Angels Building on the World for the Paths to Beauty

“The issue is Beauty,” He said to the assembled angels. “The mantra is always, indubitably, invariably, this: I am the most beautiful. Nearly every human shall grapple with this challenge their life long, striving always and everywhere to be the most beautiful human in the vicinity. The paths to this end should be many and varied, some straightforward, some meandering.”

The angels peered through the clouds down at empty Earth. What loveliness covered the smooth, naked crust of this planet, where not a single path was etched! But they were building these paths for “human” due soon to be dropped.

“One shall be the conventional path,” God went on. “Those who are born to walk it shall have an easy fate around beauty. What's more, much about life among the people will revolve around the conventional path. They will pay for any and every additions to carry them farther along this path, will judge each other upon first sight regarding their adherence to this path, and will crowd this path in vast numbers.”

“Besides that there shall be many alternate paths. One will be under the name 'social unrest.' Conventional standards shall be denounced as falsehoods and conditioned responses in order to embrace a more natural, easily obtainable standard of beauty which more people naturally possess. The path shall thus be favorable for those lacking in conventional beauty (which shall shift like the sands, by the way, so make that road sturdy and broad!) and who thus cannot confer conventional beauty's benefits.”

“Forking off from this path shall be this: that all bodies are expressions of beauty simply by being created. This, too, shall be favored by those who do not walk the conventional path, even more than the mantle of social unrest because to achieve a desirable end – happiness, self-contentment – they need to change only their thoughts instead of society's, which is far easier.”

“The queerer ducks shall give up the fight before even beginning and purposely make themselves appear un-beautiful in order to anguish over the power that such a trifling feature carries in their cruel world. Still others will simply put in ear plugs and don blindfolds, pretending the issue only exists if one chooses to believe it does.”

“And a few will see the game but will not play it. They will not learn the dance of the day along the conventional path, but sit around and wallow over why simply walking straight isn't enough. They will wait for another to confirm that they are, in fact, conventionally beautiful, at which point they will magically find themselves at the forefront along the broad path. But, prior to this, and perhaps forever if they never find an affirmer, in their minds it will be the whole world which is wrong about and blind to true beauty. And these shall be some of the paths which the humans can take toward beauty.”

“But what is beauty?” asked one of the angels when God had finished His speech.

God ordered the angel off the project. This fool wouldn't build Him a single solid road. He had mentioned “beauty” at least a dozen times and the idiot still didn't get the meaning!