College Life Is Hard

Mason and Josephine are two average college students. They have a philosophy class together, but other than that, their lives do not cross paths. Mason has depression. Josephine has, well, other problems. In spite of their raging internal storms, however, they manage to lead relatively normal lives. They hang out with their friends, they pull decent grades, they sleep...yeah that's about it.

It's an everyday morning for Mason. He's sitting there reading his philosophy book in preparation for his class's debate on determinism v. free will. But, he growls, irritated, nothing is going through his head because he's fully preoccupied with something much more important: you see, he has no money right now. He's practically broke. And he's not getting paid again until friday (the details of how are unimportant). Problem is, it's wednesday, and he's already been out for the past two nights, blowing away the little money he had for his entertainment that week. He's really got to stop going out and spending so much. That's it, he's made his choice.
"Hey Mason, you're done with classes, let's go get a beer down the street," his friend Kyle says as he walks over to him.
"Eh...I'm kind of broke...maybe not...". Yes, be firm.
"Oh come on, it's like nothing. You're not going to a freaking steakhouse."
That was a logical point...
"Well, okay."

So they got their beer.

Driving home, Mason hated himself. He was such an idiot. Not only did he not get anything done for his philosophy project, but now he was REALLY broke. God, he was stupid. He was like the worst person in the entire world! A failure! He was failing his classes, he was going nowhere in life, he was going to be poor forever, it was inevitable! He hated himself so much right now... why was he so weak?

His mind went back to the really complex and high-minded philosophical theories he was reading about earlier today...determinism...with a sigh, he realized that that was exactly what his life was like. It was as if he was helpless to do anything but stand back and watch himself make mistake after mistake. He hated it, that feeling of utter helplessness. It felt like he was going down this road, no - going around in circles - that sounded deeper...and there was no breaking free. He would just keep making the same mistakes over and over. There was no helping it. With a surge of realization, he felt just how powerless he was before the inevitable pull of his fate...the helplessness of it all....

The next day, Mason was still upset from the night before. God, he failed so hard as a person. Time after time. There was nothing he could do.
"Hey, Mason, you okay? You look down," Kyle said when he saw him.
"Eh. Life sucks right now," Mason said, tightening the ties of his black hoodie.
"Well then let's go down to the bar and grab a beer. It'll cheer you up."
"Yeah, okay. I really need something to get my mind off of all my problems."

On that same wednesday night, Josephine lay on her bed reading that same philosophy book that Mason was reading, also getting prepared for that philosophy debate about determinism and free well. No matter how hard she tried, though, not a single word was going through her head! See, there was this guy she really liked, but she wasn't sure if he liked her back. I mean, sometimes it seemed like he did...but sometimes it seemed like he didn't! It drove her insane! She just couldn't get her mind off of him ever since they had started flirting five days ago...God he was so perfect...maybe, just maybe... the way he looked at her in class today...

Her baby pink Kotana cell phone rang. It was Stacie<33
"Oh em gee, Josephine!"
"Did you hear about that new club that just opened downtown? We are sooo going tonight! Come over so we can do our makeup, straighten our hair, and take slutty photos before we leave!"
"I don't know, I have a lot of studying to do... I think I'll skip out...who's going?"
"EVERYONE! Anna, Leah, Stephanie, Brittany, Coby, Mickey, Roland, Jeffrey, Adam, Lacy, Donovan, Gabrielle, Jen, Jess, Jake, John, and Joan."

Oh my God!! Mickey was going?!?!?!?!?!!?!
"Well...okay, I guess I'll go with you guys."

Walking to the car, Josephine felt a little guilty. She kind of felt like she was going along for the wrong reasons. Maybe she should turn around. Plus, she knew she should be studying. Her mind went back to the totally stupid bullcrap they were learning about in philosophy, which she was supposed to will...yeah, I mean, it was totally like her choice! All she felt like doing was having some fun, was that so wrong? God, some people could be so stiff and old fashioned! Was there anything wrong with dancing?

At the club, Brittany said, "Ohmygosh, Josephine, I thought you weren't coming!"
"Oh, I didn't want to be alone. That would've been so boring."
"Yeah, totally."

So they started dancing.

There was Mickey. Josephine tried subtly to get near him so that he would dance with her. A mere 3 feet away, she knew that she really liked him. The way he made her heart pound...she knew he was a good person deep inside...
Half an hour later, Josephine got tired from dancing to "Every Time We Touch" with her girlz; she looked up, and there was Mickey...dancing with Brittany! That little blonde bitch! Brittany KNEW that Josephine thought Mickey was cute!

Stacie, Leah, and Jess were comforting Josephine in the girls' bathroom.
"Yeah, she's such a bitch, Josephine! She told Anna and Jen that you looked like a dyke in your shirt! Don't pay attention to that, though," said Leah.
"Ugh, I hate people like that," said Stacie. "People who have to push others down to feel better about themselves. It's so low. Kind of like her shirt...even though she has nothing to show off!"
"Hahahaha!" they all burst out laughing. Josephine felt so close to her BFFs. And she was soo over Mickey! She decided she wasn't going for him anymore.

Back on the dance floor, Mickey kept bumping into her.
It was like she was on an emotional rollercoaster! They brushed hands. They exchanged glances. Follow your heart!

3 songs later...
Mickey was across the dancefloor, and she just couldn't get near him! This other guy, though, Todd, kept dancing with her. But she didn't like Todd, she had chosen Mickey! Why did she have to deal with so much drama??

2 songs later...
She and Todd totally had a connection. She felt it in her heart. Emotionally. It wasn't just physical. She wondered if anything would happen. Maybe, but the moment had to be right...

1/3 songs later...
Josephine and Todd were making out on the dance floor.

At the end of the night, Jess asks Josephine, "But I thought you wanted Mickey?"
"I decided I didn't like him."
"Brittany says you're a whore for hooking up with the first guy to pay attention to you."
"What?!? If I didn't want to, I wouldn't have done it! I
chose to do it!"
"So tell me about Todd."
"Oh my God, he's soo perfect..."

December 10, 2007